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Sunday, 3 July 2016

solving android partition problem

The Android operating system
partitions the internal storage
of your device into different
sections, including sections for
user data and cached data for
frequently-accessed apps. You
can clear the data and cache
for individual apps on your
device, or boot the device into a
special recovery partition. From
the recovery console, you can
wipe all cached data from the
device, as well as clear all data.
App Data
Step 1
Press the “Menu” button and
tap “Settings.” Touch
Step 2
Tap “Manage Applications,”
select the “All” tab and touch an
application name.
Step 3
Touch the “Clear Data” button
to wipe the app’s saved data. Tap “Clear Cache” to
remove any cached data for the app.
Phone Data
Step 1
Turn off your Android device. Reboot the phone or
tablet into Recovery Mode. The process is specific to
the device model. For the Motorola Droid, press and
hold the “Power” button and the “X” key on the
slide out keyboard. Release the “Power” button when
the Motorola icon appears. Press the "Volume-up"
and “Camera” buttons simultaneously to open the
Recovery Console. To access Recovery Mode with the
LG Ally, press and hold the “Power,” “Home” and
"Volume" buttons simultaneously.
Step 2
Press the “Volume-down” button to scroll to “Wipe
Data/Factory Reset.” Press the “Camera” button to
select it.
Step 3
Scroll to and select “Wipe Cache Partition.”
Step 4
Highlight and select “Reboot System Now.” The phone

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