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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Google solves the problems dull page layout in Chrome


Have you ever looked through a support network for mobile, just jump a little to see or play like the rest of the page loads? This is a quite annoying insect that many Chrome browser.

Google launched a new feature in Chrome for mobile devices called "anchor movement. "Without getting too technical, and Update" block content displayed on the screen, keeping it in one place, so you can continue reading "until the page still loads.

In all cases, it is a theory. Not all sites are created equal, so you will continue to progress. Google says it has managed to avoid an average of three "hops" on the page with the new update. In the video above, around grade 8 seconds, you can clearly see that the page loads as processing chrome finish page.

Although such a small problem can be especially problematic for those, who are found wandering outside a Wi-Fi hotspot only unstable mobile connections for support. It's stick with little details like this that keeps the experience that customers expect.

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